• Eli, I would like to thank you for your generous support in hard time of my life. You gave me a hope and teach me how to manage my life in the future. Your knowledge is valuable these days when we forgot who we are. Thank you for reminding us! Your class helped me to realize that we need to develop ourselves if we want to develop the world. Lessons about emotional intelligence, leadership, innovation and creativity are unique and have to be obligated for everyone in the world who wants to become real leader!

    Sanja Gavrilovic

    Expert for Regional Development and SMEs

  • Michael Norman

    Chief, RCRA Clean Up and Brownsfield Branch - US Environmental Protection Agency Region 4

  • When asked what were the contrator's greatest strengths in the performance of the contract?

    The reply:    "He is a phenomenal facilitator"


    Charmita Langley

    US Environmental Protection Agency - Training Officer, Human Capital Management Branch

  • On behalf of the Hong Kong Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), we would like to to extend our sincere gratitude to you for attending our conference as a speaker. Your valuable contribution played a significant part in making the conference a resounding success.

    There is no question that your contribution has made World Workplace Asia that much more informative and memorable for the many delegates in attendance. Your work has also provided piercing insight into the world of FM and has thoroughly informed professionals from various industries on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


    Dave Hallam

    President of Hong Kong Ifma Chapter

  • "Eli has been able to uncover what I am looking for in terms of helping my talents expand, and strengthening my weaknesses with regards to strategic thinking and decision making. He has managed, in less than a week, to impact my direction towards the right path for my future personally and professionally, plus expand on education and experience I already have and his unique way of teaching creates a very energetic learning environment."

    "There are many programs out there and many times I have heard during the last day of a training, "just drop me a line and I'll come back to you" the thing with Eli is, he does walk the talk."

    Marc Overkamping

    DHL Freight., Customs Product Manager Europe

  • "I wanted to thank you again for such an excellent seminar that you presented for us at NBAA Scheduler’s in Anaheim. I learned many NEW strategies for dealing with stress that will be beneficial in daily life. I felt your seminar was the best one presented and hope they will invite you again next year."

    Connie Larimore

    Regional Manager - Multi Service

  • "Eli Harari, was very insightful and the personal experiences he shared exemplified and supported the concepts he was trying to convey. He skillfully engaged all participants, keeping the discussions lively and facilitating open and creative thinking. He challenged the group to look at and think about things differently, not the way we were inclined or used to. Eli was effective and one of the best instructors I have encountered!"

    "The two day time frame was perfect...after day 1, I couldn't wait to go back for day 2. The exercises were varied, very engaging and easily transferable to personal or professional situations."

    "I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to expand their creative thinking, innovation and imagination, to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in their organization or life."

    Debra A. Guerard

    Director, Multi Life Risk Management, MassMutual Financial Group

  • We have been fortunate to have Eli conduct a number of programs for AFLAC management primarily focused on Strategic Thinking and Planning. Eli is a gifted facilitator and easily established rapor and gained the confidence of the course participants. The course objectives were clearly identified and the material was presented in an organized and easy to understand manner. The critiques from the programs he conducted were always in the "outstanding" category. We plan on having Eli conduct a number of other programs later in the year to include "The Ten Actors" and "Mental Toughness and Emotional Resilience" WE contract with many outside consultants (we refer to them as adjunct faculty) and Eli is without question one of our very best. If you have a chance to use his expertise I would highly recommend that you do so. Please feel free to contact me in regard to Eli's qualifications.

    Jim Krause

    AFLAC Sr. Corporate Trainer, Management & Executive Programs

  • "Eli worked with us for three months and has caused so many changes in our thinking, creativity and attitudes that is hard to believe. The human aspect that Eli engendered in the training sessions was the missing link in our organization. We are indebted to Eli for fostering a new team spirit. His performance has been above and beyond the call of duty. I whole heartedly recommend his services."

    Yigal Shahar

    Ministry of Interior, Northern District Director

  • "I always enjoy programs that involve a lot of interaction not just the instruction & lecturing. Terrific Job! and thank you for making coaching and learning such an enjoyable experience"

    Felicia Shingles


  • "Every part of the program was conducted very well. I feel Eli is one of the best instructors/facilitators I've ever had. He explain things very well."

    Elizabeth Sullivan

    AR Staffing

  • "The program is very interactive between instructor - students and student - student. Very energetic, fun & helpful, when leaning is fun you learn so much more"

    John Blake

    Corp. Comm.

  • "Demonstrations & exercises made me think and the interaction between the members of the class were fun and helpful and challenging"

    Margaret Kittell

    Mass Mutual

  • "Very enjoyable program. Practical, useful, exciting & empowering. I learned tools and techniques that will help me to more effectively solve problems and interact with others with greater confidence"

    Nancy Pink/Baker

    MM Retirement Services

  • "Eli inspired me to be the very best I could be, I not only heard his words but felt them. It was truly an amazing experience."

    Marty Dorkin

    Regional Sales Manager, Pernod-Ricard U.S.A

  • "In all the training we had never experienced such a professionalism where every moment was exciting and challenging. The team spirit that Eli created was very valuable to the success of this seminar I highly recommend Eli as a trainer speaker and coach"

    Bracha Bentor

    Arkal Industries

  • "Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how great your presentation was received last month. Not only were people delighted with your presentation, but now, even a month afterwards they are still talking about it. Eli, speaking for everyone, I want to thank you for your insights and observations. We can't wait to have you back to do more work with our group."

    Gary Dichtenberg

    President, Professional Development Associates