Strategic Thinking Training

Strategic thinking is an essential skill for all management levels. It provides strategic thinking tools that help the professional gain confidence and knowledge about handling future changes successfully. This strategic thinking training includes variety  of exercises that provide professionals with core understanding of how to think strategically out of the box.

Strategic thinking has 3 main levels:

  • Internal strategic alignment- how to think strategically about what you do, why you do it and how to position yourself to be open to new possibilities.
  • Interpersonal strategic thinking- how to employ strategic thinking skills to get the best out of people and create a unified circumstance that maximizes human potential.
  • Task oriented strategic thinking- strategic thinking within group dynamic. How to accomplish tasks in the best most effective way possible while creating mental versatility to think through variables, options and concerns in a systematic fashion.

Strategic thinking includes simple and powerful ingredients that inspire success:

Thinking factually- being able to gather and think according to facts without bias.

Thinking in parameters- understanding all relevant parameters and thereby increasing the scope and perception of your base thinking

Consequence analysis- learning to think about a wide range of possible consequences that may result out of an intended action, mapping them out and being strategically aware, long and short te

Question analysis- learning to discern the question behind the question and thereby get to the actual problem or task.

Symptom-Cause analysis- understanding the difference is between cause and symptom is crucial to thinking strategically.

Decision making- accurate decision-making process is the result of advanced strategic thinking, whereby any decision made has a minimal margin of error.