Leadership Transformation

  1. Intending leaders
  2. Mid management
  3. High level, advanced

This program examines the fundamentals of professional leadership as it applies to the 21st century needs!

Leadership in the 21st century  encompasses a variety of skills, attitudes and capabilities, which make up Charisma!e leadership as it applies

This Thinking Coach seminar incorporates cutting edge knowledge and information along with advanced practical exercises that bring the participants to a high point of absorption and retention with a belief and confidence in their ability to change and meet new requirements.

This Leadership Development program will introduce the participants to the responsibilities of a leader in the 21st century and provide them with tools to tackle issues and problems they face in the present and in the future with emphysis on strategic thinking, strategic planning, decision making, mental toughness, change management, handling people skills and much more.

Inherent in this Leadership Development program is the aspect of personal growth and development i.e. internal leadership, which forms an anchor of stability to the external leadership of others.

The higher the leadership level, the more challenging this seminar will be, commensurate with what’s at stake for the leaders.

This is a challenging, rewarding and enjoyable seminar with high practical value.