Emotional Intelligence Seminars

Emotional Intelligence Seminars - is an extremely crucial training for professionals, especially at these times of change, when the emotional vector comes under challenging pressures.

Emotional Intelligence Seminars - The Thinking Coach

The intelligence of the emotions needs to work in sync with brain intelligence to maximize personal effectiveness, motivate, improve unity, increase trust and build confidence. When the two aspects, thinking and emotion, work together in balance then the whole process of decision making and effectiveness improves dramatically.


This seminar will demonstrate that fact by first delivering the broad understanding of Emotional Intelligence in the context of an organization, while helping professionals understand its significance in every day operations. Tools of Emotional Intelligence will be taught and demonstrated in workshop fashion.

The various parameters of Emotional Intelligence that will be addressed are:

·      EQ in Interpersonal communication & crowd communication

·      EQ in enhancing team-work and building work force unity

·      EQ in providing feedback and setting borders

·      EQ in positive Thinking and Motivation

·      EQ in conflict prevention

·      EQ in improving overall work environment

Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill for leaders and managers which will help them build a kind of work environment that facilitates excellence and team work.


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