Decision Making Training

Decision making is ever present in our every-day where we make thousands of decision moment by moment, most we are unaware of. It is a skill that is extremely important to have as it defines who we are and why we do what we do.

It could be said that decisions are our footsteps in the sand that others may follow for their own success.

This cutting edge seminar focuses on how to think to make wise decisions, personally and professionally.

It is important to understand that decision making has two distinctive parts; one is an all encompassing, methodical and analytical process, which requires specific steps and models to minimize the margin of error in a pressured and demanding environment. The training in this part focuses on being able to be at the point, responsive rather then reactive, making decisions in a rational, responsible manner, without bias or pre-conceived ideas that cloud judgment.

The other part includes the instinctive element in decision making that is able to know things without pre-learning. The training in this part takes into account the human aspect, long-term consideration and the understanding of emotions and instincts as powerful vehicles of decision making.

The Decision Making Seminar will show how to avoid classic mistakes and keep away from superficial, quick-fix solutions that only have immediate short-term impact, by learning to engage the two natural response mechanisms, which focus on short and long term consequence analysis.

The program will also focus on decision making in the context of change and paradigm shift. Business professionals need to adapt to change as a way of life, often resulting in economic uncertainty in which their responsibility is to make the kind of decisions that build trust and confidence in their clients- this is a crucial key to business growth and stability.

The training includes many hands-on experiential exercises intended to make the learning practical and simple for the participants to be able to apply on the job.
Please note that the seminar will be designed to tailor fit the specific requirements of your organization, while a continuing, maintenance training program to cement changes, is highly recommended.

Decision Making Training - Seminar Objectives

  • To train participants to think according to definite parameters, models and frameworks in their decision making process.
  • To increase the capability of making effective and responsible decisions while adapting to the needs of the moment.
  • To locate the participants in the bigger picture in their decision making process with greater versatility and mind flexibility.

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