Creative Thinking-Training And Coaching

How to think out of the BOX OF LIMITATION?

How to generate new ideas and discover new solutions for old problems? How to develop a mind set that can perceive the needs of the time? What kind of attitude is necessary to have to be able to be creative? How to develop an ecology in the work place that encourages professionals to be strategic and creative?

These and other questions are the pivotal issues that are addressed in this seminar.

Creative thinking is integral part of strategic thinking in that both thinking skills are futuristic and are necessary to handle a fast moving reality.

Creativity requires mind flexibility, which is a natural human skill providing the attitude and the environment allow for it. Therefore the seminar will show how to foster such attitude and environment with simple and effective exercises. The Atrategic Thinking part also reqyuires creativity in that forecasting has got to take into account conseqiuences that are not obvious without creative thinking.

This program can be designed for all levels of the organization and is extremely necessary to include all levels of the organization as part of change management.