Change Management Seminar

Change Management Program 

The context

This program focuses on the human vector in Change Management which, is the most important aspect in handling change successfully.The world we live in has entered a phase where change is Constant and Ferocious in the speed of its onset. By way of small example, consider the fact that by the time you purchase a computer and carry it to your car, 4 new ones have been invented. Technology is only one feature but change has many faces and the evidence is that it affects humans dramatically and mostly negatively. Change has tremendous influence on trust, it impacts the human emotions, ability to think clearly and make accurate decisions.

In a crude way, change happens from outside to inside and then from inside to the surrounding and both aspects are very important to understand.

Change is a natural phenomenon but most people have great difficulty to see it as an opportunity for growth. Mostly, change generates fear, insecurity and lack of creativity and innovation.  Therefore, people need to be trained to Manage Change. The other option is that Change manages People, which, often results in panic, uncontrolled reactivity and falling back on old ways of “doing business”. Experience is important but only in the right context.

The Program

This program, therefore, addresses essential aspects of cutting-edge interpersonal and crowd communication tools, thinking tools- strategic, creative & critical, decision-making, learning how to utilize aspects of Emotional Intelligence that are vital to stress management, harmonizing the work-force and improving overall  productivity. The seminar focuses on learning how to cope with new circumstances while applying core directives in human affairs.

There is great deal of group work and practical exercises that make it real. People experience the feeling of being out of their Comfort Zone and most importantly, That They Can Handle It!


·      To create awareness to the big picture of the appearance of Change

·      To provide practical tools of Change Management in Communication, Decision Making, Strategic, Creative and Critical Thinking &        Emotional Intelligence

·      To give people the experience of Change during the seminar, and help them gain confidence to handle Change and train others in their organization


Important note: From repeated evaluations this aspect of Change Management has great relevance to all occupations – people are dealing with Change everywhere and this program addresses the very fundamentals.


Eli Harari, The Thinking Coach