Strategic Stress Management-The Ten Actors


Stress is integral part of life and it is not going anywhere- it is here to stay!

Stress management is exactly that, we can't avoid stress but we can manage it, which means have a strategic thinking approach and strategic planning of how to manage it when it shows up. An important distinction needs to be made here between natural stress and unnarural stress. Both are managed fifferently. The natural stress It can beused as a leverage for productivity and excellence, in fact a spring board for progress, if it is thought about professionally and with positive thinking. The unnatual stress is managed differently, although strategic thinking and strategic planning is necessary as well, It is managed through conflict management simply because it is unnatural stress that leads to conflicts more than anything else.

Knowing that stress is part of "doing business" today and learning to accept it helps training for its management in the most effective ways. When you know what something looks like you can be ready through early recognition processes. Then it can be curtailed in its growth and expansion.

The 10 ACTORS/ACTRESSES methodology is a development program that stems from the fact that we have multiple skills within us that are unused. These are skills of versatility, confidence and creativity. They can help us to be in control and not cave in under pressure.

This is a program that has immediate short-term results and long-term skill development potential.

Ideally 3 days would be required but it can be made to fit one and two day seminar.

Course outline:

Day 1

  • The anatomy of stress
  • The 2 major response mechanism- balance & movement
  • Personal development analysis
  • Causes and symptoms- the difference
  • Personal evaluation of stress and effectiveness
  • The connection between attitude and performance
  • Core qualities development workshop
  • Preparation for creating a template of personal development


Day 2

  • Actors 1 through 5, transference and work shop
  • Practical application- how to use the actors to handle pressure
  • How to tidy up and get rid of personal obstacles
  • Learning to change and meet new requirements effectively
  • Handling increased responsibilities with ease
  • Fundamentals of effective personal management
  • How to be spontaneous and versatile with confidence
  • Q&A
  • Summary


Day 3

  • Actors 6 through 10, transference and workshop
  • Practical application- how to use the actors to relieve stress
  • How to integrate soft skills into a hard and demanding environment
  • Communication and ambassadorial executive skills
  • Effective sort-out mechanism
  • Creating future frameworks and imagery
  • Detecting and discovering new trends
  • Q&A
  • Work program to cement the newly acquired skills
  • Summary