The Strategy of Success

People are much more successful than they think they are!

However, the sad fact is that most people think they are failures because of how they view success.

In many cmpanies that i conduct training i see the limited view that people have of success because they measure and judge themselves against an elusive bottom line that they could never achieve.

Real SUCCESS is a PROCESS and not just and END RESULT and if people could understand that fact they would realize that they are much more successful than they think they are and that realization and attitude would make a huge positive difference in their performance, productivity and... personal and effective happiness.

It needs to be reiterated: the view of Success needs to transforms from the narrow place of "Bottom Line Result" to the broader, more inclusive place of “ On Going Process”. This is a key to making success a strategy.

Why is success a strategy? well, because success needs to be visualized, understood, redefined in a way that many more people can feel successful, and when they feel successful they develop an aura of success and get more results. Most people today strive for what they think is success but because they attributed a very narrow definition for success most people feel they are failures.  The narrow space that success has often translates to having a status and money, because in our world today we live in tight reality of much demand and little supply of money and jobs.

Success, in its broader sense of SUCCESS IN PROCESS has many parameters, Here are some:

Success is in keeping promises and having people trust your word.

success is in being able to apologize for mistakes

Success is being thorough

Success is thinking positively about the now, the future, yourself and others

Success is in not holding grudge

Success is in accepting your limitations and not defending them with your ego- it is called humility

Success is doing things different

Success is in trying, falling and trying again

Success is in being able to listen to another person rotally without judgment

Success is doing a bit better each day

Success is in being thankful

success is a warm smile at a difficult time

...and many other things that can easily be disregarded as success, which involve personal conduct, attitude and inner process.

The curious thing is that achieving these above mentioned successes often leads to finacial success because a person becomes self deciding and able therfore to overcome challenges that otherwise would stop them from succeeding. What this is saying is that success leads to success and it is very wise not to judge what success is important and what isn't.

If you develop an aura of success the big one will eventually find you!


Eli Harari
The Thinking Coach
July 2014