Strategic Thinking for the New Year

Happy new-year to all subscribers
First, I wish to invite you to visit The Thinking Coach new-look website, which is part of my fresh start for 2011.
It has great deal of information about strategic thinking, mental toughness, thinking out of the box and more. There are many articles to choose from, which, at the very least expand the mind and provide food for thought.
So, about Fresh Start, we all wish to have it, don’t we?
What is Fresh Start? It is an attitude, one that gives oneself many new beginnings. One in which the ability to let go is a major key.
Why fresh start? Well, without it we carry the problems of the past by holding on to that which we need to let go. To let go is to create space for new opportunities so that we can move on and not repeat the same mistakes, while finding inside the place from which we may forgive and be forgiven.
Fresh start takes a person out of their comfort zone into the land of new opportunities. So if you want to let go of being limited by your comfort zone (that’s what comfort zones do, they limit you from ever getting to what’s outside the zone) then start changing the way you look at things.
How to do it?
There is the childlike approach which is to forgive and forget
It is easy, simple and it works. Children do it naturally, they let go and move on. It is a child-like light-heartedness that we all have somewhere inside. That is why children always have the sense of newness about them.
There is a mental approach:
Make a list of top 3 things that you want to let go of, and… don’t let go of the fact of letting them go. Keep letting them go repeatedly and consciously.
Create many reminders, every day, morning and night until your mind gets hold of the idea that you are serious about this.

There is also a feeling approach;
Think/feel this marvelous sentence; it offers an amazing fresh start:
If You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change
Keep changing how you look at things.
It applies to your job, to your partner, to your children, to yourself and…to everything you think you know.
People make the mistake of trying to change things or people to fit them- It is much wiser to try to change the way they look at them.
For example: It’s easy to think that we are having a fresh start by changing our life partner. The real fresh start is to look at them different, to have a fresh view of them, like the one you had when you first met them.
But that is another matter.
Here are seven tips that will help you to regain a Fresh Start attitude:
1. Look at the mirror each morning and tell yourself out loud, with meaning, emphatically, that today is a new day and you are going to give yourself a fresh start. Do it every day!
2. Learn to let people around you BE; don’t judge them according to the past experience you had with them.
3. Fresh start can happen when we clean physically, providing we clean with the idea of fresh start in mind. Fresh coat of paint on a wall does the same!
4. Changing furniture around at home and in the office breaks old patterns
5. Change patterns- for example: brush your teeth with the opposite hand
6. Do things different to what you are used to- for example: listen with interest, walk and speak slower, give people positive feedback on regular basis….
7. Whatever you do put the thought in your mind that this is a fresh start.
And oh, there is so much more to this!

However, to conclude this article, remember that you have the power to give and have fresh start. It is a key to living a productive and happy life.
Fresh start is always one attitude away from us. There is no formula of how to do it. It is just a matter of really wanting to have it as part of your life and having the will, the heart, the creativity and the courage to apply it.

Well, on second thought, there is a formula: if you want to have fresh start you must give it first!
Go ahead, dare, give yourself a special gift this year and use it well.
I think you deserve it!
Eli Harari
The Thinking Coach