Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring leadership- What does it mean??

These two concepts, Inspiring & Leadership blend together harmoniously and portray the key aspect to being a successful leader.

Inspiration and Leadership are like identical twins that were never meant to be separated, yet they are often found far apart.

Let�s try to understand their meaning; Inspiration is not an intellectual concept, it happens upon a person when they love what they do and they are totally, 100% into it. You can see it on their face, expressed in their non-verbal communication and you can hear it in the tone of their voice and feel it in their exuberant energy. Inspiration is a natural quality which very often can be found with children and�with the child inside us, if we allow it. Not being childish but rather child-like, absorbed in what we do without too much personal calculation.

To be inspired is to always be a winner, no matter the outcome, simply because inspiration is a winning quality that tires the opposition by its innocence, belief in its ability to succeed and persist. When people are inspired, they inspire others and results soon follow.

Leadership is a concept that in my humble opinion needs to be urgently updated to fit the new standards of our time, which I do in my inspirational leadership seminars.

In its most simple description leadership is about guiding people, helping them to grow and to become the very best they can become, boosting their confidence, sorting them out when needed and many other aspects. The most important principle is that a leader must be able to lead themselves before they lead others for then they lead by example.

Inspiring leadership is therefore an irresistible form of leadership that people want to be around because they want to be part of a winning team, where passion, belief, trust and the joy of success is part of their daily experience.

Who wouldn�t want to work in such an environment?

The Thinking Coach will help you create such an environment in your organization- our training seminars go a long way to �infect� leaders and leaders-to-be with the kind of inspiration that gets results!

Eli Harari
The Thinking Coach