How to achieve your Best?

Do you know your Best?
That's a good place to start, a very good question, indeed, to ask.
Here is a 4-step personal re-acquaintance exercise for you to get introduced to yourself all over again- This is an out-of-the-box exercise for you to do:
Step 1 has 2 parts;
Part 1-Take some time this coming weekend and write down what you think your Best is. However, the challenge is to do it as if you are not involved with you- it is you writing about someone that you (partially) know from the outside looking in, not the other way around.
Part 2- ask others who know you what they think your Best is. This kind of daring/creative question will open quite a few doors for you in areas that you do not expect.
This exercise will teach you a great deal and at the very least will help you better understand what Best means.
Having done both parts of step one and learned, at your own hands and from others, what your Best is, go to step 2 where you decide to:
Make your current Best your worst!
This is challenging but also natural because your Best is not fixed!
It doesn't matter how old you are or what your title is, your Best is always ahead of you- Don't make the mistake of thinking that your Best is behind you because I would argue that it is likely that you have not considered the huge scope of BEST.
You can catch your Best, if you really try, but only for a quick moment. You can�t posses it. When you achieve your Best you also grow it because the next level suddenly appears.
Step 3 to achieve your Best is to adopt an attitude that there is always more than what you think you know, and that you don't know it all- if you pursue this attitude ( which happens to be part of your Best�) it will sort out for you a lot of conflicts- Guaranteed!
Step 4- Before pursuing something, ask yourself the following question:
What is the Best most effective way to achieve something?
This is a core strategic thinking question that reduces assumptions, which are the main stumbling blocks to achieving your Best.
I am sure that you got it by now: the great thing about your Best is that you can never catch it, but you must always pursue it!

Here are some areas where your Best can be pursued:
Your Best in how you deal with others
Your Best in how you think ahead
Your Best effort
Your Best effectiveness
Your Best decision making process
Your Best in being unbiased
Your Best appreciation for what you have
Your Best good morning greetings
Your Best in how you think about you�.and on and on- get the way of this and life becomes really exciting�
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Eli Harari
The Thinking Coach