Training Now for Future Leadership- A Strategic View

How does leadership transform itself to become True Leadership, one that can be trusted and one that represents the people it leads?

An important part of Change Management is Leadership, which must Change as well to meet the new needs and requirements of the now and the future. Otherwise Leadership can block advancement and Change, which these days IT Does!

In my career as a trainer, coach, facilitator I meet many leaders who are locked in their own view of what they think is going on, which is their own reality and not real reality. I am often asked to come and train their work force to improve in a particular skill that the top manager thinks is needed and all too often I find that they entirely misdiagnosed the need. 

What is the reason for the misdiagnosis? My experience would say ­ Ego. The ego tends to produce a limited view that will always regard the person as an authority that knows better than anyone else and therefore does not see the need to check with anyone else. It amounts to Ego deciding and Ego protecting itself. That way of proceeding blocks the system and keeps people at bay.

In the end it will come back to haunt the person. Believe it!

We seem to be in a time where the truth cannot be denied for long- it’s quick these days- you must have noticed it. People are sensitive and they see and feel things, they may not say much, but they will act when the time comes.

One of the main changes that I see happening is the movement from hard to soft. As you may have noticed, people, and you included, do not respond to hardness too well. They may respond in the short term out of fear but not in the long term. Hardness does not convey Warmth, and genuine Warmth happens to be the main catalyst for change and improvement and...the most important skill that The Leadership of the Future needs.

If you are a manager and you read this column I would urge you to adapt this view. Being soft rather than hard is stength providing you are coming from the right place. To be able to be soft in hard reality is the sign of Leadership of the future and it portends to a person that understands people, understands the bigger picture, understands the pressures and stresses that are involved, and is able to take it on internally and deal with people respectfully.

When leaders demonstrate Care for the people they will find that many problems will disappear, as if by magic- it will take a bit of time, but it will happen.

It starts from the top by example!

That’s real Leadership! Leadership of the future is the one that can galvanize people together in such a way that the work place for them is a real second family, a place they want to be in and contribute, because underlying all that they need to do is a sense of trust, of belonging and humanity.

Your success and the success of your reports is very important to me and I will tell you very honestly that almost in every seminar people come to me and tell me “I wish the people at the top would get this seminar because how are we going to institute these changes when we have no support from top management”?

Leadership of the future needs to master Strategic Thinking, Creative thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management and more...all amounting to Charisma, which is the very essence of Leadership, without which it is very difficult to lead in the social revolution that we now experience.

The Thinking Coach professional training seminars and staff provide people with high caliber learning & training experience that sets their feet upon the path of developing exceptional leadership qualities and skills.

Eli Harari
The Thinking Coach