Change Management Training- The New Dimension

Change Management Training - The new dimension…Perhaps!


I am writing this newsletter on a flight from Juba, south Sudan to Adis Abbeba, Ethiopia

Having just completed a three-day seminar, which I conducted for 45 top government officials.


South Sudan is a young country taking its first steps in the world of nations. It has got its independence roughly 3 years ago and is trying to get its affairs in order. So I was invited to meet with general directors of different government offices and get into Human Resource issues. To me Human Resource has always been a point and case of how to maximize the human resource within the organization, i.e. the human talent, skills, creativity, resourcefulness, willingness, togetherness, team work, strategic thinking, sense of belonging, emotional intelligence and many other human attributes that seldom express themselves in the so called “business environment”- In other words, I actively rewrite the term Human Resource from its classic, old and flat meaning to mean “A New Level Of Human Excellence that Guarantees Safety Trust and Much, Much Greater Productivity and Profitability”


It may sound unreal in today’s harsh, bottom line reality, where the term success has been narrowed down to fit only very few individuals who are usually better than others in “stepping over everyone” and where the idea of long term has practically disappeared. Everyone is looking for quick results in a way that defies the natural order of things (natural- this term has been absent for a long time) and in that game no one wins- and I mean No One. However, I met something very special I South Sudan.


So they made me be at my very best! Yes the audience made me excel- it was their success all the way!


How? Well, they were open, not suspicious, they were interested to BE not just GET things, they were not cynical, they didn’t try to show me how much they know (…and they know a lot!), they didn’t judge me or look to find me wrong, they were delighted to see me, I was welcomed with warmth and respect and they hung on every word I said, which made me feel at home, among friends, not judged or criticized, a trusted friend who traveled far to assist others in their efforts- An that was the truth and for a change the there was space for the truth!


A special rapport was thus created from the start.


After over 20 years of being at the business of conducting seminars I can say definitely that when humans are at “ease of acceptance” of each other, great things can happen, learning becomes a joy and accelerates to levels of intelligence hitherto unknown, people get to know things without knowing how they know, expression of feelings elevate, the courage to apply new knowledge grows by leaps and bounds, people are finely tuned to each other and to the conductor, who becomes illumined and energized as if playing an orchestra of intelligence without reading any musical notes. The sequence of matters and issues just seems to flow effortlessly, people are feeling free, they smile, they laugh and training turns into CHANGE- as one lovely, lovely young, intelligent lady came to tell me.


Folks, this really happened in very professional training circle in the 21st century, which is characterized by over ambitious agenda to get quick bottom line results. And here the process was soft gentle and achieved much more than any one would have thought possible.


New level of training is possible, change is possible, people can do things no one ever imagined they could if…and it is a big IF …the so called decision makers let go a bit from their over ambitious agenda and from their micro management style that breeds only distrust and gets them nothing at the end of the day. In fact when the full circle completes it often gets them fired- because they cannot achieve results by “cutting throats”.


People learn very little under pressure and whatever they learn usually dissipates with time because they are so afraid to make mistakes it kills their sense of creativity.


It is time that the corporate world comes to realize that they are not above the laws of nature and if they truly want to survive the rat race they have to stop being rats, which means treat their people as the great Human Resource that they are.


I can show them how! And that is called:


                                                                  The Strategy of Long Term Success


Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach