The Strategy of ASK

Asking "out of the box"

One of the great ways to get out of the infamous box is by daring to ask open ende questions that are hones, use good reasons and are emotionally sensitive!

I imagine that most of us have heard the biblical reference �Ask and You Shall be Given� for which, many different interpretations exist.
For me ASK has a profound strategic thinking, creative thinking and mental toughness meaning.
In fact, ASK has become my signature training program, which addresses the core aspects of Change and Readiness in the context of being ready for the future.
ASK has 3 main levels of approach:
Ask level 1� Finding the open ended question that gets you to the next level- successful strategic thinking process depends on getting to the question that opens the BIG picture
Ask level 2- Daring to ask for�- the Insistence to not give up & the Belief that your will, will prevail- This is an essential aspect in mental toughness that is highly result oriented
Ask level 3- The attitude that always creates space for �what next� � I call this Green Intelligence, which is characterized by permanent dissatisfaction with status quo

Why is ASK important?
The answer is simple, answers tend to come from past experience, or past performance, or past knowledge, which is fine, providing we realize that past answers represent only partial truth which, may not be sufficient for the now and the future.
Learning to ask the right kind of question opens new doors and result in new information, understanding and creativity to appear.

Curiously, we are often tested and graded on our ability to memorize information that already exists, whereas the real test of life is a day-by-day working out new situations and handling new challenges that require instant intelligence.-- The test here is "can you be original, creative and practical"?

The ability to respond to the needs of the moment, fresh and new, is an essential leadership skill, one that often makes the difference between success and failure and is the skill most needed in Change Management! 

In the various Thinking Coach training programs that I conduct, I found that ASK is a much needed skill for professionas especiallyt at times of change. It is also an essential skill in building Leadership Charisma and helpsbuild Team Work.

ASK is a strategy and a high level strategic thinking that opens doors that have been shut for a long time- When open ended questions are used they provide the kind of Emotional Intelligence that makes all parties feel included and recognized.

Recently I have experienced one of the many benefits of the ASK system, by receiving a free upgrade to first-class on a long international flight. It wouldn�t have happened had I not used the ASK system. So thanks to ASK I arrived refreshed at my next destination after a 9 hour flight! This is a humorous story with small benefit, but I can assure you that there are far greater benefits that are ready to be gifted to you when ASK becomes a major tool in your strategic thinking tool kit.

I would encourage you to give your work force a breath of fresh air that boosts their thinking skills, their confidence and mental/emotional capabilities, by providing for them the opportunity to experience the ASK training!

All you need to do is ASK!
Eli Harari
The Thinking Coach