Eli Harari - The Thinking Coach

I am Eli Harari, The Thinking Coach, an expeienced international trainer, motivational speaker and personal coach. 

Speaking is an art for me, whereby the words, the body language and tone of voice are strategically crafted to maximize the effect upon my audience to retain new information and turn it into practical solutions.

My specialty is in Leading Change & Leadership skills. I train professional how to think, strategically, creatively, out of the box, make decisions that are based in reality and above all train them to be flexible, stable and ready for what is yet to come. In other words to be ready for what is unknown.

I use the 5 intelligences as a main method of mentoring, a method that helps people retain new knowledge and learn to apply it in everyday tasks, while develop new thinking and leadership skills.

My main objective is to create a training environment where people can learn new skills, discover in a live fashion how to apply new tools and get the confidence they need to deal with challenges that are associated with change and stress.

I wear three distinctly different “hats”- The Motivationa speaker, the Group Trainer and the Personal Mentor- all three necessary to lead change and  align all parts of the company towards the big picture of Success.

Throughout my international career I have conducted a multitude oftraining seminars, key note addresses and personal mentoring for corporations, professional associations, universities and top executives, world-wide.

Some of the organizations I worked with: Mass Mutual Financial Group, Philips Health Care, USA Health Care, AFLAC, IFMA USA, IFMA Hong Kong, TEC, GE Financial Services, NBAA - National Business Aviation Association, Pernod-Ricard USA, Arkal LTD, Paine Webber, DHL Europe, Westinghouse USA, Westinghouse Europe, WalMart, Veterans Administration, U.S Environmental Protection Agency and more.

II look forward to providing exceptional service to your organization, one that makes a real difference!

Please feel free to contact me.

U.S.: +1(516) 259-3279
Israel: +972 3 721 7031