Training Seminars- The Truth

Training Seminars for professionals- how best to think about it? 

There are different experiences that people had in the course of their career where training seminars are concerned, and therefore different views and expectations were formed as a result.

As an experienced speaker and trainer for over 20 years, having met thousands of professionals in different companies, organizations & countries around the world my view is that Training seminars are a seeding ground for new skills, an arena for personal development for those who wish to advance their careers and overall capabilities.

Training needs to be live, with active participation, with the view in mind that the trainer and the atendants together build and construct the necessary learning. Therefore, people should not come to seminars to receive the latest and have the "magic wand of instant illumination" waved above their head. They need to think about it as a place where they can get new tools that need to be put to practice immediately or they will lose what they learned.

My experience is that the unspoken expectation in most people is that a miracle will happen and the seminar will change them forever without them having to do anything different. Absolutely not so!

On the other hand trainers should understand that people need to be made interested and excited and make every effort to make the seminar a happening that people will never forget, which is not done by reading the material from the slides. Slides are just aides and not the focus and if it was about reading material then everyone can go to Google and access all the knowledge they want. 

I"ll never forget that lady in a seminar I came to do in Texas, who looked at me with worried eyes before I even said a word. When i asked her what was wrong she eventually relented and told me that in her last seminar the trainer read for 2 days from slides and she just can't bare another seminar like that. needless to say that didn't happen and the lady was delighted to experience my seminar, which was seemingly on a boring subject; Strategic Thinking.

Every subject can be made live and exciting and people need to adjust their expectations.

Training Seminars should be an experience people will look forward to, happy they attebded and excited and motivated to put to practice what they have learned.

Eli Harari

the Thinking Coach