What is Decision Making?

This question is being asked daily in the corporate world as professionals struggle to have a decision-making process that is viable and progressive.

This is a huge subject and sometimes It is best to approach it from what Decision Making is not:

An automatic repeat of past decisions

An escape mechanism to prevent a thinking process

"to just make a decision"

A panic response

An emotional last minute response

A quick fix methodology

Surety that relies on past experience

A wishful thinking

A pain prevention strategy

An escape from reality mechanism

And more...

Decision Making is a process that is never sure! now... that is a strange statement to make by someone who teaches it for over 20 years!

I say that because you never get 100% result in any decison making, simply because every decision has obvious and not so obvious consequences, some of which remain hidden for a long time.

So what is Decision Making? it is a Critical thinking/Emotional Intelligence/instinct process that needs time, competency and patience, whereby, the final decision strives for the best possible result, but understands that 75% success is the best possible ultimate result. At the same time, preparations are made for the 25% negative consequences that will no-doubt impact the outcome.

Therefore, decision making without ongoing strategic development and strategic thinking, will likely lead to much more than 25% adverse results.

I conduct Decision Making seminars world-wide with a substantial success that places my clients in the most safe and creative position possible, which is critical at time of Change.

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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach