Change Management Training Seminar

This is an article/report/letter about an experience I just had in Conducting a 3 day seminar in South Sudan Africa for government officials on behalf of Galil College.

First time in Africa for me and I am ever so happy I had the chance to conduct this training. I use the word training for lack of a better word, but it was more like "Humans Coming Together to Share In What is Important in Life" gathering. After 3 days of very live engagement the mutual feeling was one of family that is interested in the betterment of the human race, in unity, in focusing on the many gifts that humans have by simply being alive. Now this was a Professional Seminar with top government officials, with degrees and status and acalaids, who mean business. wasn't a not Hard Professional seminar that excludes the human aspects and only focuses on profit. It was rather a Professional Human Seminar charactarized by Warmth, Softness, Simplicity and...Practicality (honest!) . It allowed great deal of knowledge to transfer, for people to be moved, for hope for a better future to spring, for people to step out of their box, for creativity and much more.

 I have been doing this for a long time and I have seen them all, or maybe not all but a lot and I can say that these hard seminars with the ultra serious approach do not achieve 10% of the effectiveness and results of what I have just witnessed. People didn't judge, they respected the fact that someone traveled long distance to be with them, they were humble, appreciative, participating, asking questions with childlike curiosity and gave me back so much. I felt able to speak freely with worrying whether I will step on the Toes of Ego of people, and because that worry and suspicion and over protection of one's tender ego weren't present so much more was able to happen- Because ...human's have great richness and the question is can the environment be created for that richness to show up!

Africa has its problems we all know it but allow me here to focus just on the positive and give thumbs up to the South Sudanese who want to build a peaceful and prosperous country- and if I was able to help a bit in this effort I am ever so pleased.

Eli Harari

Juba, south Sudan