The Impact of Emotional Intelligence Training in the Corporate World

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence Training in the corporate world

To get the full answer to this question the article 'How to think about Emotional Intelligence?' must be read.

And Yes, EQ is one of the most underrated leadership and interpersonal skills.

It has dramatic effect upon the corporate environment in multiple parameters. From workers motivation, to rate of replacement, to longevity, to taking personal responsibility, to productivity to team work…

Let’s look into it…

How to understand the practical aspect of E-motional Intelligence?

Did you know that many studies confirm that 85- 90% of firing in organizations are caused due to lack of soft skills and only 10% of firing are due to lack of domain skills???

The curious thing is that most corporate training seminars are focused on domain skills, while very little on human interaction skills or as it is called nowadays employee engagement training. Given the obvious fact that we are in adversarial predicament (conflict prone state of affairs) between people, everywhere, (we call it “human nature” as if it is natural for humans to fight one another…) and that is the main cause for lack of productivity…It makes you wonder why there is repeated blind spot about the matter. It bags the question:

Is there such a lack of understanding in the powers that be about the connection between the Emotions and Productivity?

To those who think progressively and “read the writing on the wall” it is abundantly clear that in these days, commensurate with the total control of our lives by electronic technology, there is sharp decline in the value of humans- as fast as micro chip technology is advancing, human values are eroding….and yet, in further direct inverse proportion there has never been a time when humanity was more necessary.

Ladies and gentleman! Once and for all, please try to understand, see, fathom and admit to the fact, that we humans are emotional creatures and our emotions are the main tool in our human theatre tool kit. Nations rise and fall, governments rise and fall, families rise fall and…companies rise and fall on the emotional factor. Emotions need to be educated and become intelligent to produce sanity, stability and an environment of true long-term success. We shall give it a new term Human Technology…the ability to press the right buttons in the most sophisticated computer ever created…the human!

It always rests on small thing, Just as the late Vince Lombardi said about football…”it’s a game of inches”* and I would say to you that humans are so fine tuned that the human “game” rests on Nano millimeters, because it the small things that always, always tell the big story.

Emotional Intelligence is a very minute skill that has huge implications!

Let’s look at few examples from everyday scenarios from what we call “professional environment”…there are many…they all rests on the smallest, unobtrusive “life’s inches”. Such as a smile at the right moment, a pat on the shoulder, a hug, even a stern look (not punitive) to put a person in place…

What emotional Intelligence “inch” do you advance when….

•    A coworker comes to the office in the morning and they are miserable…

•    A manager demands from a worker to perform better in harsh and punitive tones…

•    A worker talks negative behind the back of another coworker…

•    Two people are sniping at each other…

•    When a person is not being appreciated for their efforts

•    Being a person is unfairly accused and blamed for other’s errors

Although these matters are redundant and extremely common today, what is not understood is that how they are handled can ultimately make a huge difference, in the bottom line profit or loss column of a corporation. 

In each of these occurrences there is positive emotional intelligence factor that could be exercised and alleviate the potential for conflict. And there is also a lack of emotional intelligence sensitivity that can cause negativity to spread and take over like a wild fire in a field of thorns.

What is the goal of Emotional Intelligence Training of The Thinking Coach?

The goal of Emotional Intelligence Training is show professional the Big Picture from the stand point of Emotional Sensitivity and demonstrate to them how near and far solutions to conflicts could be depending on the presence or lack of Emotional Intelligence skills. To provide them with simple and effective tool kit of interpersonal skills to manage the Higher E-motions rather than be controlled by the Lower Emotions. To thus learn build unity and trust with their co-workers, reports and leadership.
The program is alive, real with plenty of workshop ingredient that provides experience knowledge to de-stress and prevent potential conflict issues with Emotional Intelligence tools.

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*“Life’s a game of inches, and so’s football.  In either game, life or
football, the margin for error is so small: I mean, a half a step too late, or
too early, and you don’t quite make it; one step too slow or too fast, you
don’t quite catch it…”

Vince Lombardi


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