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The Difference between Value Based & Ego Based Leadership


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This is the first part of a two-part article about Leadership Development Excellence.  This series is inspired by a seminar I have just conducted in Australia, delivered to high powered executives.

It highlighted to me that, the real power of Leadership comes from the ability of a leader to be   strong, caring and humble. Humility & Modesty being the most critical qualities a leader must possess in order to catapult their career to a higher level. 

The big revelation for me, was that there is a law of “power inversion” where matter and energy are concerned, which simply means, that big is small and small is big.

“Much in little” is a familiar term, which is rarely understood. We mostly tend to think that “big” and “a lot” is powerful while, “small” and “not too much” is weak.

The enigmatic Ant Principle suggests otherwise.

It suggests that perhaps there is a “Great Hidden Source of Energy”, unfathomable, which in the case of the Ant, enables it to carry a load 50 times its own size & weight with amazing persistence.

It’s that powerful!

Is nature trying to tell us a story about Power? Obviously so!

Nature can be a haunting storyteller to Personal & Collective Leadership Development, and delivers special life wisdoms to those in tune, and those who have the eyes to see and the senses to interpret its subtle, yet obvious & profound messages.

The Ant Principle – A Leadership Development Training Insight

The Ant Principle was first introduced as a biblical wisdom spoken by Jesus Christ.

I must have somehow connected to the term, without being aware of the reference, when at this Australian seminar I saw the clear difference between Ego Based Leadership & Value Based Leadership.

The difference was hard to miss!

The Ego Based leader promoted himself at every opportunity, while the Value based leader demonstrated, in every possible way, that the people in her care were the main stakeholders. It was evident in her verbal and nonverbal communication, that she was honored to serve as a leader. Her focus, energy, and power were unmistakable. She loved her job and loved people.

The Ego Based leader was clearly full of himself, basking in the delight of the title of Leadership, not the function. Whereas she was being “At Small” (humble), which caused her workers to be Big, which made her Big (If that makes sense to you…).

He, on the other hand, made himself Big and everyone else was made to look Small, which in turn made him Small (If that makes sense to you…)

It was blatantly clear who was the Purposeful, Focused & Empowered leader between the two.

In conclusion, one of the most powerful Leadership Development indicator is, that modesty is not just a good idea for a Leader to have, it is a great source of power and an absolute must if they truly wish to continue their Leadership Development journey, and the Ant Principle clearly demonstrates that fact very well!

Eli Harari

The thinking Coach

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