Managing Stress Technique - The 10 Actors

How much stress are you forced to handle by being multi-tasked and over-pressured every day?

How many roles are you required to perform in your business "theater stage" every day?

Studies show that the overwhelming majority of professionals are crumbling under growing pressures and demands that result in extreme stress, poor job performance and low morale (fig.1).

Look and feel familiar?
Are you constantly being squeezed and pulled every day?

This constant barrage, (fig.1) will keep you from accessing your natural skills and potential.

So what is the solution that will allow you to deal with your stress effectively every day?

THE 10 ACTORS - technique


An innovative and dynamic solution, offered for the first time to the high powered executives as well as the average person, that tackles the issue of stress at depth and provides long-term progressive solutions.

The 10 Actors is a cutting-edge technique, a personal long-term life strategy, custom designed to facilitate the multi-tasked professional who handles ever increasing stress. This is accomplished by developing a multi-functional personal inner system that will be able to cope with multiple pressures without wearing out.

In essence we will be creating a template of development in the form of 10 different actors that will be activated within you to handle the multi-tasking that you face every day (fig.2).


This is a practical, hands on, transformational method that will - for best results - require 3 days of "transference infusion".

The result

This dynamic program produces core changes - not - cosmetic ones.

The long term benefits include mind versatility, creativity and the ability to handle multi-tasking. The side effects include less stress, increased efficiency, more enjoyment, and job satisfaction.

The Thinking Coach is available for consultations, training and ongoing support to organizations like yours that understand the importance of tackling stress as a prerequisite to long term success.