strategic planning & strategic thinking - Inseparable Twins

Inseparable twins indeed, and to make the matter clear let’s give them other names: strategic thinking-thinking about what you need to do & why you do what you do,
strategic planning-planning how to do it in the best most effective way.

It is assumed that to have a skill of strategic thinking or strategic planning one needs to be highly qualified and have all kinds of university degrees.
While it is true that strategic thinking requires conscious application of the mind and learning to move a few obstacles out of the way, the fact is that any one can do it.
We do it any way in our every day lives and like everything else with repetition and training we will improve. Same is true for strategic planning, To carefully consider your actions before you take them, which is what strategic planning is all about, can be done by any one.

Strategic planning depends on strategic thinking. If you can clear your mind from bias and personal ambition of the wrong kind your strategic planning will be lead by the need that your strategic thinking revealed and not by your personal opinion. Yes, “let the Need Lead” is a crucial condition for strategic planning. Strategic planning depends on strategic thinking to define the need. Strategic planning will act according to the need and furthermore, strategic planning will be able to use the need as a guide post.

Strategic thinking is the ability to think about the future and create space for change and newness to appear, whereby, perceptions and opportunities can present themselves. Strategic planning is the practical way forward, A step by step advance to goals established by strategic thinking. If strategic thinking is the Being, strategic planning is the Doing or to phrase it differently strategic thinking is the magnetic strength while strategic planning is the electric vibrancy. The common mistake is to proceed with strategic planning without engaging in the mind set that will perceive the future without hindrances, which is strategic thinking. Therefore, strategic planning is more appealing than strategic thinking because it involves Doing and gives a sense of immediate satisfaction with the illusion of getting quick results. Indeed, strategic planning gives the illusion of quick results. It is an illusion because strategic planning on its own will tend to repeat and even recreate the past under the diguise of the future.

Strategic planning is in art of actionable intelliegence that focuses on what to do in any given circumstance should it arise and plan for every conceivable eventuality .
So indeed, strategic planning and strategic thinking are inseparable twins if indeed you wish your plan of action (strategic planning) to be accurate and effective.

These inseparable twins are the two most essental tools for handling Change