Strategic Development at Times of Change

Strategic development as the name suggests addresses the need to develop a strategy, which in other words mean: to have a plan which takes into account reality, possibilities, consequences, constraints and creativity- above all, to have a strategy is to develop a mind set that can "clear the decks" and look at things clearly for what the case actually is.

This necessitates a personal development that is able to recognize bias, personal or organizational, while being able to think outside that particular box, simply because the most misleading box is the "box of bias".

What this is saying is that changing times are in need of changing minds and not simply repeating what seems to be a good idea.

These days it is very difficult to plan ahead, so it takes a multitude of thinking skills to become strategic effective.

Thus, strategic development is first and foremost a level of personal development that requires training and on going maintenance.

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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach