Strategic Development in Every Day Life

What is strategic development?

There is great deal of ambiguity where the word “strategy” or strategic development is concerned. When you ask different people what is strategic development, there are many different answers that vary from being creative all the way to having patience.

Let me shed some light on the subject.

The meaning of the term Strategic is: How To Think About What hasn’t Happened Yet

In order to develop this aspect there is a need to develop a state of mind that is open to the unknown, without bias of past experience.

Such development requires ongoing personal development, which expresses itself in how we live our life, whether we are at the business or in the grocery store, talking to our spouse or having a casual chat with a friend over coffee.

In other words if a person wishes to be "future" oriented they cannot allow themselves to rest on past successes or ideas that may unknowingly be controlling how they think. This is not so easy to understand in the real life meaning of the concept.

There is an overall misconception that, going to work is one thing and living life is another. Well, that is ok if one is not in the business of development, strategic or personal. Because strategic development can happen anywhere, any time and everywhere.

So what am I saying here?

I am saying that strategic development cannot be separated from personal development and that if a person seeks to develop they need to be "at it" all the time until they get what they want.

One of the most important aspects of strategic development is how we position ourselves in the eyes of others. In other words how we cause them to think about us or hold us in their mind. That is because we humans tend to think in boxes and headings and place people and situations in our mind in boxes. If I were to ask you how you think about Mary or Jim what you will answer to me is according to what box they caused you to put them in.

Therefore in this aspect Strategic Development is to pre-think what we want to cause others to think about us in the future. Repeat, “How and what others will think about us”.

Let me take the opportunity here to let you know that Strategic Development has the most important influence in human to human dealings!

Here I want to focus on a particular feature that can make a huge difference in Strategic development.

It is to do with promises and intentions fulfilled.

There is a system in us that is very aware when other people express to us an intention they have. We take the intention and without realizing we hold on to it like a child does. We remember, we expect and we wait.

So here is the tip: if you express an intention to yourself or any one else make it “time specific” and do it. What it does is to cause them to take you seriously and you cause in them the thought that you are a “Reliable” person that can be trusted. It is simple and has huge affect on how you position yourself in the future. You create a future opportunity that will surely come your way and when that opportunity comes, you make sure not to miss it.

You create your future image in people by what you say you will do, followed by what you do! 

This is an example of Strategic Development, which may shed some light on how close this aspect is to every day life.