Soft Skills In hard Professional Environment

Soft skills are what is needed in a hard world… and we, my friends, have created a hard, unforgiving world where people are in constant stress, competing against each other, against the establishment and against… themselves.

Personal note; whenever I am asked to conduct a Creative Thinking Training seminar with an organization, no matter where it is in the world, the first thing I always look for is the mistake policy of that organization, which means how do they think and deal with employees mistakes. The reason is very simple, if an organization is unreasonably hard on its employees (beware of the pretentious words “we have zero tolerance for mistakes here” for that shows ignorance and short term understanding of success), and the employees are in gripping fear of making mistakes, they will never be creative.  Creative thinking and fear of harsh punishment are like oil and water, they never mix! 

This does not mean that repeated mistakes need to be dealt with softly, that’s negligence. However, first time mistakes are part of natural growth, as humans are not perfect and are meant to learn though trial and error.

Soft Skills Training is the training that enables professionals to regain self-confidence and sensitivities they have lost trying to “make it”.

This training helps them navigate successfully through raging, turbulent waters and not lose sight of their humanity in the process.  Losing sight of humanity carries great penalties.  In the long term it always comes back to haunt the organization that exercises unreasonable harshness upon its employees. The other option is much better, and it results in connecting the business aspect with the human aspect. 

How to make Soft Skills Training a success in an organization? 

The perception of Soft Skills must be upgraded to reflect its significance to Employee Engagement and consequently to the overall success of the company.

When workers and leadership have the necessary Soft Skills competency, we then witness a high caliber of interpersonal communication, crowd communication, strategic thinking and planning that includes the different strata of the organization.  A soft skills sensitive organization is evidenced by a high level of team building which is characterized by values of different views, opinions and skills that are possessed by different employees.  In such an organization we witness an emotional intelligent 

environment that motivates long term success and encourages people’s “best” to appear.

When Soft Skills Training seminars are performed regularly and repeatedly the results are obvious, people are happy, trusting, and are willing to take ownership.

Without question, happy workers produce much much better results, than workers who work in an environment of suspicion and distrust.

The Thinking Coach Soft Skills Training seminars take Soft Skills training to the next level, and enable corporations to enjoy long term employee loyalty and productivity.

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™