Do you use the power of thinking?

This is a high level understanding of Creative Thinking!

Human beings have the capability to Create new reality, first inside our mind and head, then feel it in our emotions and get them involved and then throughout our body to our blood system, to every cell in our body!

With Focus and Persistence & Belief  we can then affect the outside world and use Creative Thinking to Create a new reality.

Thinking is a Double Edge Sword ! To think is to have power if it is used correctly, if not used correctly it is a source of weakness.

You Become What You Think About!--This statement, which almost all philosophers agree on, is at the heart of understanding how our thoughts affect who we are, and it points out the connection between what we think and what we become.

A this point there needs to be in a Decision Making process: Think What you Want to Become! 

Followed by Strategic Thinking process: Plan What You Want to Become!

And...Do It! step by step where your thinking becomes your guidance.

To empower your thinking you need to have solid Reason &huge Belief, - to Create new reality you cannot have doubts. 

Your thought process, therefore, is the point where changes need to happen.Your thought process triggers your Emotional Intelligence, which can empower you to take actions with high level potency

To use a gardening analogy, thoughts are seeds while our brain is a garden. The earth grows what is sowed, so our brains also grow the thoughts (the 'thinking seeds') we entertain. Our brain cultivates them and gives them nutrients and sustenance. These 'thinking seeds' ultimately determine who we become, how we deal with issues, how we solve problems and how we present ourselves. The challenge then becomes how to control what is planted in our brain - how to sow the right 'thinking seeds'.

The thought process

Thinking, in and of itself, is an autonomous process…it happens constantly whether we like it or not, or are aware of it or not. Our brain is constantly processing 'thoughts', and they are reflected in our face, our speech, our body and our overall attitude.

A clear distinction has to be made, however, between the influence of positive and negative thinking. Thoughts of a negative and critical nature will prevent us from accessing our better judgment and deeper intelligence while positive natured thoughts will have the opposite effect. They will enable us to be more connected to our natural genius and moreover will dramatically improve our future success.

Another aspect of thinking that needs to be taken into account here is the volume of thoughts we all process every minute of every hour of every day of our lives. We are inundated by scores of thoughts, seemingly coming from all directions, at great speed. They dominate our minds often against our will. They cause us to feel scattered, stressed out and sometimes even make us ill.

It becomes a constant battle of control where the question is: Will your brain run away with whatever thoughts it wishes to have or will you get some measure of control that will allow you to determine what you will become?

Choosing your thought process- This is where the true meaning of Decision Making comes into the picture.

The choice is yours but in order to choose correctly and make a solid decision few things need to come together

which require Training and Development. Training in Decision Making, Strategic Thinking, Creative Thinking & Emotional Intelligence.

The kind of training that guidws you step by step to achieve your potential from the Thought to the Result.

You truly DO become what you think about, and this is not some new age utopian idea…it is very real! The 'self fulfilling prophecy' concept takes a different meaning here, and it is one that is not so far fetched.

There is one major consequence that you want to be aware of as you decide/accept your response to different situations in your life - whichever 'thinking seed' you choose to plant will become part of you if you nourish it.

If you plant negative seeds in your brain, pretty soon your entire thought process will be negative and critical, and you become a person who sees only the negative side of everything - the proverbial 'glass is half empty' person.

Additionally, (and this is important) your productivity in all areas of your life will become only a fraction of what it could be.

On the other hand, if you plant positive seeds in your brain, your thought process becomes one of always seeing the proverbial 'silver lining' in every situation, spotting new opportunities and your productivity in all areas of your life is uplifted. You become the 'glass is half full' person and you constantly improve.

Call to Action

Why then, is it so easy to fall into negative thinking? How can a person begin to take charge of their thinking process? How can they think themselves to becoming energetic, creative, skilled, and capable of great achievements?

These Important questions are addressed at length in various seminars of The Thinking Coach!

The goal of The Thinking Coach is to show you how to tap into your own natural genius so you can generate new, creative, and effective ideas, become more focused, and be able to form strategies and make short and long-term decisions that are accurate and balanced.

Training your brain to think positively is a must in today's demanding and stressful environment. It is also crucial to the business environment if you want to remain on top of your game as a leader - negativity creates a barrier to problem solving and ultimately results in obsolete corporate leadership.

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Eli Harari- The Thinking Coach