Brainstorm Training and Group Management

How to build a viable work environment that promotes stability, mutuality and the kind of team spirit that inspire people to be at their best?

The program focuses on this question and includes keys to strategy of togetherness. It focuses on creating a home environment and a family atmosphere by building trust, engendering stability, fostering cooperation, establishing open communication channels and the all important feeling of recognition and belonging. It also focuses on how to prevent and handle conflicts while not allowing the destructive aspects of internal politics and backbiting. The think-feel concept is pivotal in the seminar as it addresses the need to combine thinking and feeling effectively in the organizational dynamic. Practical training to design a lasting strategy of togetherness will be taught in this seminar along with a highly effective model of Team Building. The mental part focuses on the art of formulating strategies and brain storming at times of paradigm shift and change, while the emotional part concerns means and ways of optimizing talent and how to create an environment that fosters humanity, newness and creativity.

Simply phrased, Brainstorm is about how to think together and make use of the collective intelligence so that everyone's thinking skills become useful. Although this sounds simple there are many limiting conditions that often prevent this from happening.

Brain storm incudes ideas workshop, collective analysis and decision making strategy along with the necessary sensitivities to include everyone of the participants. 

The value of brain storm strategy to an organization is enormous as it offers an unbiased ecology where new ideas can appear, thinking talents can be maximized and very often new solutions to old problems are given birth to. This seminar promotes the core notion that Collectivity is strength wherein the results are optimized and magnified by each person's experience and skills.

Participants will learn how to develop ideas collectively, identify the real problems that often hide under the surface, they will learn to work together impersonally and thereby separate facts from fiction. They will learn to implement the Magnet principle as it applies to people working together to achieve a common goal. The format of the seminar makes it possible for the participants to step outside their usual roles and experience other views and positions that ultimately improve their personal thinking abilities and make them more holistic in their approach to management, while able to access more of their natural skills.

Course outline:


  • Group management fudamentals
  • How to think out of the box collectively
  • The principles of brain storm
  • The Magnet principle
  • Creating a team environment
  • Brain-storm mind conditioners
  • Harnessing mental strengths
  • Necessary frameworks for collective thinking
  • Ideas workshop
  • Collective evaluation strategy
  • Group decision making
  • Brain storm problem solving techniques
  • Qualities workshop
  • Practical application future tool kit