Decision Making - Choice(se)quence

Understanding decision making at a deeper level

decision making

Some questions about the intricacy of decision making:

…arbitrary or considered

…and if considered then to what degree
…and from what place to come from
…and how thorough are you
…and how biased are you
…and do you try to fit a square into a circle
…and finally, is it decision making (the right decision) or making a decision (your version of what’s right, according to your perceptions, which may or may not be what is called for)

Choices and consequences, otherwise known as the choicequences, offer a glimpse in to the human story and the magnitude of decision making.
The life that we live today is based on the level of decision making of the powers that be. From education, to government, to road building, to etiquette, to moralities, to what you should say or shouldn’t say to thousands of other matters. We mostly live in a “hand me down” decision making world, in which we need to learn to make our own decisions.
What is astonishing to this writer that we are force fed mathematics and physics from our early youth but no one ever teaches us how to make decisions and how to think.
We are told what to think but rarely ever shown how to think.
This anomaly has a huge effect upon our decision making capabilities, because in most cases decision making becomes a hit or miss affair.
Ideally, decision making should be a marvelous expression of free choice, which as humans we are being given as we arrive in this earth.
The fact of being offered a free choice is confirmed by the fact that every choice we make has its own consequences, which are mostly unknown when we make the decision to do this or that, but nonetheless we are permitted to write our destiny by our right to choose, whereby decision making comes into play.
Therefore it must be understood that decision making is the vehicle of our choices!
If there was no permission for choice, consequences would be known in advance and development and evolution would not be an issue -as is the case with cats and dogs, where although there are consequences to what they eat and where they sleep, these are very limited and do not involve the process of decision making per se.

Consequences are con- sequences or to put it in other words they are a set of bridges that lead to multiple directions according to the choice that was made. So a human chooses, makes a decision about something and a chain of sequences is set in motion, mostly, as was indicated, unknown.

To put it differently, when we make decisions we start the motor of choice and the engine of consequences!
The place that we come from when we make our decision will determine what type of consequences we will encounter.
Decision making and choices lead to short and long term consequences which can be drastically different to each other.
Let’s take an example, 2 people of opposite gender meet, they are attracted to each other and they make the decision to be together. That choice has instantly set in motion a range of short and long term consequences and it takes consciousness and a balanced thinking to realize what these may be. In the short term it’s pretty clear, as the initial excitement shines brightly on all matters preventing from any shadows to appear. However, after some time different consequences start to show, such as personal habits, opinions that each has about different issues that they now import to their newly created affair, patterns of living, patterns of thinking, fears, worries, concerns, national influences, gender influences, age group influences, life circumstance influences, how they react under pressure, how they deal with having or not having money, and…what kind of decision making process they have.
A person’s decision making process is affected by many factors, most of which they are not aware of. When 2 people meet their decision making processes meet, which will lead to fresh set of con sequences, which may now have long term effects.

For the esoterically inclined here is a human court system addition:

Choices and decision making can be made from lower court influences, such as there being a new start hope, say about an initiative to make money and a person proceeds on that hope not realizing perhaps that they need to consult with their higher courts whether or not that decision is in agreement with the distillation of their principles, whether or not their decision making process is balanced by being clear with the reason of why they do what they do and whether they understand what their decision may lead them to.
Without that consultation process they may be causing an internal split, which is based on brain inclinations and seeking for thrill.
The middle court would be the place of great deal of higher and lower considerations, to air their decision making process so it is not biased but rather practical throughout.

This leads to an important conclusion, whereby, it can be said that the process of decision making can be made from a narrow platform of consideration but a wide range of consequences, especially if a person is on a journey of development seeking to have a throughout expression in their life.

So what is being said is that in the decision making level in today’s world there seems to be an imbalance between the weight of process on the decision making side and the consequence side, i.e. limited decision vs. throughout consequences.
The wise person, therefore, needs to increase the weight on the decision making side and spend more time in the assaying aspect of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and with their feelings and instincts.

To be throughout in the decision making side means to allocate attention and specified time to pros and cons in both hemispheres, and then let it be, “sleep on it” as the phrase goes. That “leave it alone” time, is necessary time for the complex to handle the different considerations and come up with a colorless decision making process.

A decision that will come from the “throughout of you” will be a decision of great substance and merit.

O yes, Choicequence was borne of a decision making process that sought after a word that is out of the box, humorous, yet descriptive. It clearly irritates the left hemisphere, which screams:”…but there is no word like that in the dictionary…” while it is a delight for the right hemisphere that can breathe with the creation and appearance of new things.

So there is a rendition of the subject of decision making, which is only the very beginning of a subject that is in the heart of our every day living

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