Think Tank Strategy

How to think collectively in a way that galvanizes the thinking skills of all the participants and directs the combined mental and human resources towards a common purpose and goal. - that is the key concept addressed in Think Tank Strategy.

This seminar will deal with the issue of getting the best mental input from each person without the usual power ego clashes, conflicts and confusion..

Creating a uniformity of mind in the manner of the 'magnet principle' is the nature of the training while focusing on cutting edge self-improvement thinking techniques, which harness the individual power of the mind.

This is an effective group-think methodology that first works to improve the individual thinking capabilities, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, and then brings it all together, with participants enacting a think tank strategy.

Participants can expect to learn how to think effectively together while being able to identify their own thinking styles, weaknesses, and strengths. Participants will learn some challenging techniques designed to enable them to think outside the well-known 'box'.