Authentic Leadership

Leadership is in trouble!


There is a crisis of confidence in leadership world-wide!

As I write this article there is flushing news report announcing a 6 year prison sentence to

the former prime minister of Israel for accepting bribes...


Most people don't trust their so called leaders because they don't see them to be trust worthy.

In most cases leaders are seen to be self serving, power hungry, corrupt and without basic care to

the people they lead.

So what's going on? We elect people to lead us and in most cases they lack the moral fiber to

lead by example.

The trend seems to be as follows:

Leadership rises from the ranks of the people

It professes to be one of them and it asks them to be elected so that the leadership works for their interest.

They get elected...

and something begins to change- they become separated from the people who elected them.

So what happens?

Now that is an excellent question that can go very deep, even as far as the mechanics of marriage and divorce!!! But not here. here we only "tickle" the subject

Essentially the elected leaders, somehow, lose sight of the purpose they were elected. It seems that what they see when they are “in it” is different from what they saw from outside. The new appearing complexity, along with great deal of stress, added by the influence of notoriety... gets to them. There are other factors- but what is important is to understand that if a leader has principles and values they will guide them to the right decision making, which if they carry out...they will likely lose their job.

To be a leader one needs to have moral values that guide them through thick and thin in which they must be willing to give up their position.

This article briefly touches on the problem.

It is a vast territory and it needs constant attention.


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