True Authentic Leadership

The Global Leadership Crisis & How You Can Solve it?

What is True Authentic Leadership?

And here is the million dollar question....Are You the CEO of Your Own Life? 

To become an Authentic Leader of people, you must, first, learn to lead you!

To lead you, you need to develop a platform of skills that put you “in charge” of your own life, as a first principle, and consequently, as a second principle, and as a result of that “order of leadership”, indispensible to your own organization.

Before you can be considered a people’s leader, you must consciously become the leader of your own “life business” (it being, that your life represents the most important business that you lead, even if you have never realized it…), in which, you are the CEO, forever!

If You Don't, You Won't!!!

This is where your personal life becomes the training ground for your business life and your business life becomes the training ground for your personal life.

When you connect the two together, and they energize one anonther, your leadership becomes Authentic Leadership and you become an inspiration to others. It is then that you truly “Lead By Example”!

So very often these two aspects are in dissonance, which, may cause all kinds of psychological, emotional and mental ailments, which affect the whole organization.

At the end of the day, the leader is the most influential person in the company. What happens with the leader is reflected in the work environment they create around them, which can be seen by the standards, skills, behavior, attitude, level of communication, inspiration, stability or lack of all of the above…the lot!


What is the first principle of Authentic Leadership?

The first principle of Authentic Leadership is, therefore, that you first establish yourself as the CEO of your own life. This is a crucial concept in Leadership Training that deserves serious attention, simply because the aspect of Authenticity demands that there will be synergy between what a leader does inwardly and outwardly.

It begins by the ability to make solid decisions, that help you lead the kind of life that have a sense of stability, direction and meaning, in all departments. It is then, and only then, that your “organizational” decisions become energized by your belief and value system and not a matter of trying to get "quick" result at the cost of everything and everyone else. Your personal glory ceases to be your first consideration of leadership. You become glorified by the success of everyone else. (This is the rare instance, where the workforce truly love their Leadership). 

It begs the question: If your personal life is in a mess, how can you lead others to stability?

I know of a person who advertises herself as a financial and marriage counselor …would you believe she is bankrupt, three times divorced, can’t hold a job, living from chaos to chaos and in her mind she leads people…

Do You Have Some of These Symptoms?

Do You Preach to Others what You don’t do Yourself?

You don’t want to stoop to that level, because eventually it will ruin your leadership aspirations!!!

You need leadership training and particularly you need a trusted coach that you can consult with about your level of thinking, performance and attitude to “keep you honest” and on the move.

Otherwise you’ll never get a true picture of where you are because you don’t see yourself.

What The thinking Coach Leadership Training Programs Offer?

We provide cutting edge, international, Leadership Training programs for all levels.

Our training seminars are challenging, practical & gratifying. Our leadership programs range from beginner levels all the way to top leadership and Excellence Teams, where we offer a yearlong extensive leadership, training agenda, second to none. We help produce first class leaders, who master a wide variety of soft and hard skills, and learn to lead By Example, using advanced teaching and workshop techniques. We also have a unique, “train the trainer” seminars, to help companies, organizations & government agencies create their own self-sustaining leadership development programs.

We also focus on Inter-gender Leadership while training potential leaders to synergize the strengths of Feminine Leadership and Male Leadership.

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