Accepting Endless Change

Change is an Integral part of life.

Accepting that fact is a major part of the ability to handle change successfully!

We often think that we'll go through whatever change we are going through and then we we will be able to rest to a pleasant, familiar routine...only to find out that we are in the middle of a greater change that we were not aware of, and that is because change happens on three levels: conscious, semi-conscious, and unconscious.

We always age, so that change never stops, and to that we are semi-conscious (although at some point we become more conscious...). Our cells change every 6 seconds, and to that we are unconscious, while in our daily life we maybe conscious to changes such as having to deal differently with different people, or change jobs, or suddenly become ill, or meet someone new or even change eating habbits. It is everywhere, and we need not fear it. Fear of Change encloses us in the box of yesterday and the net result of that is that we try to deal with new circumstances in old ways. It often feels like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

In my personal story I am now with a new partner in life. She is so very different to my previous partner, beautiful and unique in her own way, so it would be utterly foolish to expect my past experience to carry me through this new relationship. This for me is close in example of what it means to accept change. The first thing it means to me is not to impose the past on the present and to allow it to just Be

To Respect change is to Accept it and realize it offers new possibilities of growth and development that will only make us better people. The Acceptance of Change requires flexibility of mind and letting go of expectations, simply because most of our expectations are based on past experience or experience of others.

We are different to any one else and we must accept that. Without accepting ourselves it would be impossible to truly Embrace Change, which is the higher level of acceptance!

This is the crux of the matter of Accepting Change and where Strategic Thinking about the future takes a whole new dimension.


Eli Harari 

The Thinking Coach