The Thinking Coach Personal Mentoring

  1. To diagnose and relieve stress that has prevented effectiveness
  2. To develop daily practices that build confidence and stability
  3. To create a vision and strategy for future success

This 3-step process is designed to have long-term results rather then a patch up job, which is an illusion anyway.

The Thinking Coach Personal Mentoring Strategy

To get long lasting results the client must become a partner to the process while I become the mentor and a trusted friend.

The strategy is based on the 5 main intelligences, which provide the client with systematic targeting and tools they can apply immediately to improve their situation.

The parameters of this mentoring process are:

  1. Learning to think according to the big picture, strategically, creatively and critically
  2. Learning to apply new knowledge in a systematic way
  3. Developing a platform of inner stability that defines the Yes and No choices
  4. Learning a new methodology of internal and inter personal communication
  5. Handling change and forging ahead creatively

Issues addressed in the Mentoring process:

  • How to overcome personal inhibitions
  • How to deal with personal difficulties
  • How to understand other people better
  • How to evaluate without personal bias
  • How to communicate ideas effectively
  • How to achieve a healthy balance of assertiveness and friendship
  • How to prioritize effectively
  • How to blend humanity with calculation
  • How to think about yourself in an open way
  • How to identify the box you got yourself into
  • How to get out of the box
  • How to think about others in a way that prevents stress and aggravation
  • How to deal with personal changes
  • How to deal with professional changes
  • How to employ mental toughness
  • How to generate new ideas & become more creative
  • How to prevent dispersion and increase focus
  • How to say No Effectively and Yes progressively
  • How to order your mind to purpose
  • How to become more open and flexible
  • How to use the tool of self-instruction effectively
  • How to think strategically
  • How to plan strategically
  • How to utilize your brain and emotions in a balanced way
  • How to make effective decisions
  • How to think short-term and long-term
  • How to increase the scope of success
  • How to be at the point and ready for the future
  • And more…